Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join Kearns Water Polo?

You are welcome to join Kearns Water Polo at any time. Please get in contact with Coach Seth before signing up for any programs online. Look on the Contact Us page for his information or show up to a practice in your child's age group (Information on practice times can be found on the Calendar)

How long is a typical session?

At Kearns Water Polo there are 4 training training sessions per calendar year. Each session lasts about 3 months long. The typical sessions are as follows

Fall session: August to November
Winter Session: November to January
Spring Session: February to May
Summer Session: June to August

Do I have to tryout or pass a swim test?

While there is no official swim test, new members wishing to join our club shoud contact Coach Seth and arrange a meeting time. No athlete will be turned away, but we might recommend your athlete join the Jr. Marlins Pre Comp Water Polo team or enroll in our learn to swim program before joining Kearns Water Polo. 

How do I join Kearns Water Polo?

Start by contacting our Head Coach, Coach Seth, or by visiting us on the pool deck. After a brief conversation, we will give you the clear to join. Your next step will be to visit and sign up for a new membership. Once you have received your USA Water Polo number, you are ready to join Kearns Water Polo. Under the Registration drop down menu, click the session registration and you'll be on your way to joining our club. 

How much does Kearns Water Polo cost?

Fees are subject to change. There are two options for session registration. The regular price is $89 per session. Those that are members of our practice facility, the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center (KOPFC), pay a discounted rate of $72 per session. Additional costs also exist for tournaments, gear, and USA Water Polo memberships. 

Do you teach kids how to swim?

No, we teach them to play water polo. Beginning swimmers can register for swim lessons through our practice facility, the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center. For more information on swim lessons, please click here. If you are unsure of which option might be best for you, please contact Coach Seth. 

Why would I ever want my child to play water polo?

Water polo is a small sport with great opportunities in high school. There aren’t tons of 8th graders vying for limited training spots in high school their freshmen year like in other land sports. Water polo is an Olympic sport. Many colleges offer water polo. Many of SOCAL’s athletes play water polo in high school. Almost all of SOCAL’s athletes have splendid high school water polo careers. Water polo is a great background for participating as a lifeguard at pools during summers. Water polo athletes are the best physical specimens in sports. No one is better conditioned than water polo players. Games last 45 minutes. When the game is over, your athlete is clean, exhausted, and hungry. That’s much different than America’s other past times, where game times are longer, very sweaty, and sometimes not always active. Oh, and it's FUN!

How old do you have to be to play water polo?

While there is not a minimum age to play on our club, being comfortable in the water is a requirement to play water polo. Kearns Water Polo has had players as young as 6 play with us. Please talk to your coach to determine how to ease into our sport. You can also visit here for information on great programs that focus on getting your child more comfortable in the water

Does Kearns Water Polo accept players from other high schools?

Absolutely! Kearns Water Polo is an open club that simply practices out of Kearns. We will not deny membership to anyone on the basis of location or school. 

How do I find information about the high school team at Kearns?

Contact our Head Coach, Seth Hughes. 

My player is not the best athlete, but he/she loves water polo. What should I do?

Parents of athletes often forget that athleticism is not an inherent trait. Athletes continue to progress and develop into high school and beyond! Kearns Water Polo is the launch pad for the sport of water polo for young athletes. Be patient and trust the process. 

Are you just an elite program?

Kearns Water Polo accepts athletes of all backgrounds. Remember, our primary goal is and always will be athlete development. We try to encourage each and every member to achieve their true potential as an athlete. As long as you are willing to put in the effort, we would be happy to have you as a member of our club. 

What are the age groups in water polo?

Generally speaking, in the United States most tournaments are divided into 18&under, 16&under, 14&under, 12&under, and 10&under age groups. During our spring league, High School is considered 9th grade and above, whereas Junior High is considered 8th grade and below. Every tournament is different, so please double check with your coach what age group you will be playing for each tournament.

What are the attendance requirements for Kearns Water Polo?

Youth water polo is most intense during the fall and spring seasons, as that is when we have the most games. We recommend that every player, NOT THE PARENTS, call/text/talk to their individual coach to arrange their schedules. This helps to develop maturity in the younger athletes. 

When should we schedule vacation?

The best time to take a vacation are in August (after the Junior Olympics) or in anytime between mid november and February. Make sure that you talk to your coach before scheduling a vacation to avoid conflict with tournaments. 

My child wants to be a goalie. What should I do?

Talk to your coach. Goalies are very athletic, have a special mentality, and train differently than field players. At Kearns Water Polo, we require every player who wants to be a goalie to have the “Goalie Talk” with your coach. 

What are the basic skills of water polo?

Comfort in the water is the most fundamental water polo skill. Swimming is part of that but swimming is considered to be "horizontal." Being able to stay high above the water "vertically" using a leg skill called the “eggbeater”  (which we teach) is vital to success. Learning to handle the ball with one hand is another skill that is important. Water polo is like soccer and basketball played in the water. The object is to score the ball in the goal on offense and prevent the ball from going in the goal on defense. Kearns Water Polo believes that understanding defense before offense is vital to a player’s ultimate success. 

How do I learn the rules of water polo?

Most players/parents learn the rules by being involved with the game. Players learn the rules by playing, parents learn the rules by watching. If you want to get a head start, please check out our Game Rules file under Player's Resources. You can also watch games on Youtube in order to get a feel for the game. Remember, players learn the rules faster than parents do.

I have more questions. Who should I ask?

Contact our Head Coach, Seth Hughes. 

How do I order team gear?

All of our team apparel is available for order through our team store. After purchasing an item, contact us to arrange a time and place to pick up your gear.

Do I have to register with USA Water Polo?

Yes, all athletes must be registered with USA Water Polo. Instructions on how to register can be found here. Please remember, memberships last through the end of the calendar year (December 31, 2019).

How do I sign up for Learn to Play Water Polo?

The Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center has partnered with Kearns Water Polo to bring you the Jr. Marlins Pre Comp Water Polo Team. To register, please visit, click register here, and then look under our swim lessons program.

Does Kearns Water Polo have a swim team associated with it?

Yes, please click here for more information on the Kearns Youth Aquatic Team

Can my athlete do two days of swimming and two days of water polo?

Yes, please contact our Head Coach, Seth Hughes, for more information. 

Who do I contact if I have an administrative questions?

Please contact our Head Coach, Seth Hughes. 

If I want to make a donations to Kearns Water Polo, who do I contact?

Please contact our Team Administrator, Brad Peercy. 

Who do I contact if I can't make it to a practice?

Please contact the Coach of your child's age group. That information can be found on the coaches page.