Mission Statement

Kearns Water Polo Club strives to train, instruct, and develop student-athletes in the competitive sport of water polo. The program's goals are not only to develop our athletes, but also to help them become contributing members of their community. 

Kearns Water Polo Club supports the notion of student-athletes. We encourage our youth to do their best to excel in the classroom, in their families, in their communities, and in the pool. 

Kearns Water Polo Club prides itself on not being a win-at-all-costs club. At KWP, our emphasis is on developing individuals, not developing winning teams.

Kearns Water Polo Club aims to helps its student-athletes grow according to these core values; Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, Intensity, Team Unity, and Excellence.

Kearns Water Polo Club's Administration, Head Coach, Coaching Staff, and all members support the following priorities-

  • Academics- Student-athletes are first and foremost students. Good students make better water polo players. We encourage our members to chase success both in the classroom and in the pool. When individuals are both good athletes and good students, opportunities increase exponentially. 
  • Character - Character matters, both in sports and in everyday life. Sports teach us many life lessons - how to manage mistakes, how to be a leader, how to win with class and lose with dignity, how to set and achieve goals, how success requires sacrifice, how to manage time, and how to control their attitude and effort. These lessons help our individuals grow into exemplary members of their communities. 
  • Swimming - In order to be a great water polo player, athletes need to be great swimmers.  We encourage all athletes at Kearns Water Polo to develop a love for swimming fast and improving their cardio bases so that they are able to play at the highest levels.