Player's Resources

The following resources are meant to aid athletes as they begin to learn the game of water polo.

  • Water Polo Manual- This is a very useful manual that explains several aspects/skills that we will use almost every water polo practice. 
  • Numbering Systems- This handout explains the several different ways that coaches will refer to the positions during a drill or game. 
  • Skills Checklist- This checklist highlights many of the different skills that we will use throughout a season. 
  • Terms and Team Communication- This is a document explaining all of the terminology that our coaches use at Kearns Water Polo. 
  • Sports Nutrition Basics- This handout explains the functions of the 4 different types of nutrients every athlete should be getting. It also gives examples of each nutrient and how much of that nutrient we should eat in one day. 
  • Sports Nutrition Timing Basics- This is a great handout explaining when and what type of foods an athlete should be eating in order to perform to the best of their abilities.  
  • Game Rules- This document briefly explains the many rules of water polo. 
  • Table Manual- This handout gives step by step instructions on how to manage a game from the table (Keeping score, running the clock, tracking ejections, etc).