Kearns Training Programs

Kearns Water Polo Club has developed the following programs to tailor to your athlete's individual needs. 

  • Splashball: Beginning Athletes
  • Age Group Water Polo: Athletes 14 & Under
  • High School Water Polo: Athletes Grade 9-12


In an effort to better serve our beginning athletes, Kearns Water Polo has developed our Splashball group which is a pre-competition program. The Splashball team will introduce new athletes to the great sport of water polo, in addition to providing them with the tools and skills needed to succeed when playing at higher levels. This program will harness all the fun, dynamic aspects of the game in a safe, easy to learn environment that will motivate kids to swim and stay fit. To register for Splashball, please click here.

Age Group Water Polo

Kearns' Age Group Training Program concentrates on developing the tools that athletes will need to achieve their athletic goals and personal potential. Our age group program is split into 2 groups. The Wildcats group is our more novice group while the Leopards group is our more advanced group. The Wildcats will focus on long term athlete development, learning the basic water polo skills, and on developing their in game fundamentals. The Leopards will focus on finetuning their water polo skills and fundamentals and begin to learn game tactics. 

High School Water Polo

Our High School Training Program, the Cougars, centers on providing training that will prepare athletes to have success at any level of play. Our high school program accommodates to all athletes, from novice to experienced. This group is also comprised of athletes that attend high schools all over the Salt Lake Valley, not just those that attend Kearns High School. In this group, our practices focus on enhancing and strengthening our conditioning, introducing new skills, and on learning advanced in-game tactics.